Anything Client.

Bypass Hypixel, Mineplex, or any other server.

Craft your own experience.

ZeroDevelop Visual IDE

With ZeroDevelop, you can create entirely new cheats and bypasses for your specific needs. Having trouble getting our bhop to bypass on an obscure but enjoyable server? ZeroDevelop has you covered. No programming knowledge needed, and no installation required. Free forever.

ZeroDevelop Java SDK

Want to take your customization to the next level? If you know any Java, you will easily be able to take advantage of the ZeroDevelop SDK.
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ZeroDevelop SDK 1.3.0

Best Account Manager

ZeroDay's alt manager operates as a game overlay instead of a separate screen, meaning you can access it in-game and stay engaged in the gameplay. It also tracks account bans for the top 6 Minecraft servers. With integration for The Altening & Alts.Top, retrieving your alt list orders have never been more simple.

Intent Launcher

Who hates installing Minecraft clients? I sure do. With the Intent Launcher, you just select ZeroDay, press play, and we take care of downloading, installing, and updating automatically. The Intent launcher fundamentally bypasses the .minecraft install, making it harder to get caught in a screenshare.

Windows • Mac • Linux


The essentials.


ZeroDay takes advantage of the performance enhancements of Optifine, and the ability to use most modern shaders with ease. Optifine allows more game customization and higher FPS.

The Altening

The most popular alt service for Minecraft is integrated directly into ZeroDay via The Altening API. You no longer need the Authenticator to use Altening accounts within ZeroDay. It also makes generating new accounts as simple as one click.

World Downloader

ZeroDay comes with the World Downloader Mod which means you can export server maps to singleplayer for reverse engineering, screenshots, or just offline play.

Go like a pro.


The most powerful pathfinding mod is now an integral part of ZeroDay. The capability of Baritone paired with ZeroDay dwarfs competitors. Mine diamonds while you eat dinner, build a schematic, or play Kit PvP handsfree.

Load, pwn, and hide.

Cloud Profile Manager

ZeroDay has the most comprehensive configuration profile manager there is. Save and share your entire client setup with anyone over the internet with the click of a button.

Ghost Client

Sometimes blatant hacking isn't the way to go, so ZeroDay offers a selection of traditional ghost client cheats such as Triggerbot, WTap, Aim Assist, Smooth Aim, Hitboxes, and more.

Self Destruct

No other non-injectable client has the depth of ZeroDay's self destruct. Completely eliminate all traces of cheats instantly. As soon as you press the killswitch or type the command, ZeroDay becomes unrecognizable from stock optifine in all ways.

Know in advance.

In-Client AntiCheat

Catch other cheaters preemptively with ZeroDay's internal anticheat. Heuristically detect over 10 different cheats quickly and view violation details in the ZeroDay Dashboard.

What are you waiting for?


- Baritone

- ZeroDevelop

- Intent Launcher

- Hentai Explorer

- Multi OS

- Bypass all Servers

- In-client Web Browser

- Best Account Manager

- Proxy Support

- So Much More...