Project ZeroBot


  • What is this?

    Project ZeroBot is a Minecraft botting application like no other. Your bots can follow, avoid, surround, and strafe opponents. They can travel to coordinates by any means neccessary. They can erase and create regions. Almost anything you can imagine is possible with Project ZeroBot.

  • Who makes it?

    From the developer of the ZeroDay Hacked Client, every bot is armed with top-tier cheats and bypasses for most anticheats. Bots can build, destroy, mine, kill, suit up, and survive.

  • What's so special?

    Unlike other botting programs, Project ZeroBot is integrated into ZeroDay through key-bound overlay UI, as well as in standalone application. It has never been easier to swap between playing and commanding.

  • When is it coming out?

    This project has been in development since September, 2019. It will be released shortly as the final behind-the-scenes pieces are put together.